Game Center CX EP

by 2 Mello



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After a long string of instrumental releases, 2 Mello is back on the mic as lead MC of the "Game Center CX EP", a small album inspired by and dedicated to the Japanese retro gaming TV program of the same name. Backed by diverse beats that take cues from songs used by the show, catchy game themes, and soulful classics, Mello speaks of the positives of a healthy amount of gaming and what it is doing for him as a person with many goals to meet in personal and professional life.

The witty comments and entertaining perseverence of Kacho (Chief) Arino, the star persona of Game Center CX, has inspired and hooked audiences worldwide to cheer him on as he beats thumb-blistering retro games with the help of his charming but shy ADs. This EP is 2 Mello's ultimate love letter to the man who personally helped him through some hard times with his fresh approach to classic games and the unique challenge they set before players. The EP also features labelmate Maros and fellow mega-fan YTCracker as guests.

If you would like to know more about or see some of Game Center CX, please visit and support the hard-working group that has translated over 100 episodes of the show out of pure love for what it brings to viewers.


released July 25, 2014

Vocals: 2 Mello (all tracks), ytcracker (Kacho On!), Maros (Arcade Trip)
Additional vocals: King Pheenix & Shubzilla (Do the RPG)
Production and mixing: 2 Mello
Inspiration: Shinya Arino :)




2 Mello

Music producer, composer and sound designer who has worked on games like Cerebrawl, Later Alligator and If Found... I like sampling, rapping and making the type of music I'd like there to be more of in the world.

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Track Name: Kacho On! (ft. ytcracker)
Verse 1:
Arino to allies, Kacho to enemies,
The Retro Game Master will always be the one to beat,
Friend to all gamers, always has a smile on,
Hero to the little kids who struggled with the Famicom.
If you lost your fighting spirit, he's the one who has it,
Drop you like ten yen in an arcade cabinet,
And he'll leave you with a joke, even if you win,
The most cheerful companion from the beginning to the end.
I'm on the edge of my seat, watching him play the lost levels,
as he's filmed by Abe, the former biker rebel,
'Game obere', the latest trendy fashion
Even when his health is flashin' we're all cheering and laughin'
I've never been excited like this, to watch a man,
play through all my favorite games all the way from Japan
to the USA, I know that we have a connection
He can take care of the games and I'll bring the sound selection

Chorus (2x)
Feeling good, like that moment when you start to win
Feeling fly like Takahashi with his cardigan
Blow it out, go on and put your cartridge in
Blow it out, go on and put your cartridge in

Guest Verse: (YTCracker)
Rotating through them ADs
When hes got a little problem with a classic from the 80s
Gotta play these games for the company
Bumpin b buttons get lucky when hes jumping these hazards
No continues so he goes backwards
Replaying all the hardest chapters
Deep into the night until a victory's locked
Then he laughs and takes a look at the clock

The exalted chief - the kobe beef
Of all the gamers who experience grief
When a challenge gets presented that seem easy to beat
Until a miniboss or two got you admitting defeat
But you suck it up - grip your controller
Put a cool pad on your forehead - and do it over
Cause youll lose every game that you dont play
Gotta conquer all the consoles and then the arcades

Chorus (2x)

Let me share a story about the kid I was,
Never cared about clubbing, stayed away from drugs,
Anything my friends wanted for fun, was wasted time,
Locked myself in my room, polished the beats and rhymes,
Until they shined, but now I see that time as lost chances,
Could've been dancing with girls, playin at romancing,
Or making friendships, that would last a life long,
Now I'm increasingly alone, but surrounded by my songs,
Distant from my family, I'm closer to games,
These callouses on my thumbs are my only claim to fame.
When I see the love the Kacho gets, I understand
I can still get up, maybe become a family man,
Some say I'm obsessed, some say I should quit it,
But Game Center is my inspiration, I'm not just addicted,
Some will cheer for sports, some will bet on racing,
But I can't stop watching this old Asian man try retro gaming!

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Do The RPG
Verse 1:
Now I know we're all friends so I think I can mention
My inability to dance is such an unresolved tension
I'm wavy, unbalanced, my face looks weird
I have to think about each step and the decreasing of my rep here
If I'm at a party or club, I will make myself invisible
when bodies start moving, steal away like a criminal
and not a very smooth one as that,
but I made a new dance so all us noobs can relax
Do the RPG, you know, the simple animation
from bygone games, SNES and Playstation
Get your legs walkin' as awkward as possible
and pump your arms strongly till it's almost audible
Next share this video so all your friends know,
And we'll be world map walking all across the globe
Come with me, it's amazing to see
All the lessons you can take from a JRPG

Chorus (1x)
On the overworld taking a hike
Going faster on a chocobo or bike
Jumpin around just like Sabin with a blitz
scoring a critical triple hit
Finding gold in a barrel or a chest
Conjuring a magic shield to protect
Curing ailments with a flick of your wand
Doing the RPG I feel so slick, so come along

Verse 2:
You've seen it for years, all that grinding in them fields
Jump forward grab and back yeah baby that's the steal
if there's too much heat, backstep a couple feet
and jack, yeah that's called the retreat
Or stand on your own, do whatever you want
long as you're moving your hands, let's call it the taunt
If you've had a few drinks and you can barely dance,
just try to keep it steady, we'll call that the ready stance

now get yourself home, call a cab
and play rpgs till you pass out with a controller in your lap
call mello in the morning tell me bout your sorrows
if I got some energy, you know it's yours to borrow
If you're dancing in the club, people admiring your moves
And you know damn well where you got that groove
Everybody is asking, how do I get that power??
Say here, why don't you go play this game for 80 hours

Chorus (1x)

Verse 3:
I'm on a sacred quest, and I'm the only hero
here to take my test, stress is climbin,
to do my all and be the best, in my rhyming
production and my paychecks
we all need activities to stay flexed
I only got a single heart beating within my chest
to let it live I'm on the dancefloor breaking a sweat
I'm not the greatest body mover but I know the steps
there's nothing to it if you do your best and never rest
and not macho, but more like the Kacho
I'm nerdy but still hot though
and here to teach you all my techs
no matter what job or class, we all can hit the floor proceed to move our ass
Who can't dance? you have mad potential,
and a reference for movement that's more than coincidental
RPGs are turn based and dancing is too,
I'm your partner stick with me and the party will get through

Chorus (1x)

Kacho skit: Arino is playing Parappa the Rapper--AD Matsui comes up to give him some "hip-hop" clothes, claiming it will help his rhythm, and Arino insists that Matsui raps everything he says, which Matsui goes on to do in embarrassing fashion.
Track Name: Arcade Trip (ft. Maros)
Put on some nice beats for us to cruise to the arcade to
Yeah, okay, that's kinda cute but no, no
Gimme something with some soul
Yeah, that'll work

They're shutting down all over America
but for those who remember
let's keep the spirit of the arcade alive
right here on this track
Yeah, and I hooked up the beat
This kinda sound cost you more than a quarter, man

Verse 1:
I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams
But you don't wanna bug me when I'm shooting light streams
Glowing in my face, the imposing fleets of enemies
increasing at a rate, that shows they're focused on ending me
Quarters in my pocket or I'm holdin a whole roll
Saturday, school's out, you know I'm not at home
From the money grubbing crane games that barely have controls
to the dual stick shooters, the arcade up in my soul
If your age is sorta low, you might not remember
but on my birthday in November, I went mad with legal tender
Ninja over here, a space captain for a coin
I would always curse at Q Bert but Galaga is my joint
I'm true to the score, slave to the extra mans
Put the joystick in my hands watch me further my lifespan
Cuz my youth is still with me, just locked inside
but slip a quarter in the slot, suddenly I'm down to ride

Guest Verse (Maros)
Reminisce my first days in an arcade
Dad worked MWR so guess where I played
Spending hours, quarters in the cabinet
Grabbin at the joystick, failure? wasn't havin it

This elaborate theme,the room teemed with games
Was this a get rich scheme?
The time in the 'Cade man it fueled my dreams
Ghost's n Goblins, screamin "I don't want to be reamed!"

Gettin older, new games on which to feast
Call me Daigo Umehara cause I wished to beast
Pouring quarters in Street Fighter like I lost a bet
Spammin quarter-circle fierce, man I thought I was set

Past regets, now a days you can find me
Posted by all the rhythm games, Bemani
bring an army if you think you're step game's strong
and bring some money, i'll be gaming all day long

Chorus (2x)

Verse 3:
Sometimes it's more than flashing lights and chippy sounds,
back away from the digital playground
I see a father teaching his daughter how to handle sharp turns
A boy counting ship patterns applying math to battles
School kids, settling grudges Mario coin collecting
or Street Fighter move dissecting
Behind an unassuming storefront, you find the life within
contained in wide grins and friendly fights with friends
step outside and you're still glowing from your last win
got the high score in Galaga when your ship was still a twin
looking forward to a slice and a comic
best times of my life man, I'm just being honest
From the scorching summer to the chilling winters,
it was always the right temperature inside the game center.
Track Name: Kacho Party
Verse 1:
You can find me in my light blue jacket
orange tie tight and my nametag plastic
Kacho everything Mello everything
You are just a passenger, I go by train
If I catch you stealing one of my tracks
Fatal Fury like INOKO MAX
sleeves rolled up and a cooling pad on
But we're havin a party tonight, so I'm calm
So why don't you bring out the Famicom,
and some comfy pillows we can all lay on,
wait till the popcorn's done to press start
and together let's enjoy Japan's works of art
Ninja Ryukenden or Rockman 2
I know they made it hard for us to get through
yell at the screen and jump for joy
when we get to the boss, one word, destroy!

Chorus (2x)
It's a Kacho Party (3x)
Come on everybody to the Kacho Party!
It's a Kacho Party (3x)
Come on everybody, it's a Kacho Party!

Verse 2:
You can dance, you can sing, you can game,
whatever you want, but stay outta my lane
when I'm focused on playthroughs of classic gems
They made em so hard we ain't supposed to win
Games these days just push you gently
They need you to finish so you see what they made
Achievement is gone, and I feel empty
When the credits are rolling right after I've played
It's like junkfood instead of cuisine
So called pro gamers ain't a thing to my team
You have a kill streak in Call of Duty miles long
but you couldn't beat a Mega Man with turbo on
Hahaha, but I'm not trying to start any fights
We got pizza and beer, and a fun-filled night
Fly geek flags high and don't hide it
Whether you game or not, everyone is invited.

Chorus (2x)

Verse 3:
Off work, socks off shoes off,
maybe even pants off, lay on the couch
Crack a few windows to feel the breeze
make some tea and get my laptop out
Live vicariously through the YouTube
Let's Plays, for the best days
Fantasizing bout a life where I could also get paid
to grump on games, while my best friends played
But fortune's reserved for the bold
And I can't seem to make it out the place I call home
I hope I can go before I'm old
Because that is the real adventure
I often think about it, like too often
how long can I do this 'fore I have to grow up
I just wanna do what I love with no stoppin'
But every pleasure cruise always has to shore up but for now

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Retro Master
Verse 1:
Now who truly is the retro master
The one who maps classics of the past faster
the one who can bring the old emotions back
with just one track, for you to kick back and relax
The one, in his basement, jamming things together
to a musical mashup, to make him seem clever
The one who labors for no pay, on one song all day
To try to legitimize his own way
The one who wants to travel to a day and a place
When skies were so blue and time easy to waste
double cheeseburgers and tall coke, digging in your magazines
for the cheat codes you last wrote
Can we really go back, that's nope,
But can we put it in our future, say yeah, that's hope
A stim shot at the end of your rope
I entered your mind palace and spoke,
and know the words that I uttered were dope

Chorus (1x)
When I woke up today I'm the master
When I hear my records play I'm the master
I wanna be your favorite retro master
I wanna be your favorite retro master
when I see the love I receive I'm the master
Slip another secret from my sleeve I'm the master
I wanna be your favorite retro master
I wanna be your favorite retro master

May not play every game
(I don't have time)
And I can't afford to be a collector
I may not know every characters name
retro but not having a retrospective
I got my own story, own dreams, own goals
and they always come first cuz I know they are special
fighting through adversity and trying to hide the worst of me
looking for the strategy to find my lost levels

Verse 2:
Some of you retro cats are retrodiculous
Picking on my past cuz I ain't into this or that,
At a party you stop talking to me
when I mention that I didn't play Breath Of Fire 3
Yeah, how can you even
When we're dying a little bit with every second we're breathing
Well not to get deep but I don't have time
for you to criticize me about how I spend time
I love nostalgia as well as any man
But what I used to be is not better than what I am
By all means, enjoy your favorite art
Games, music or films, but play your own part
and I hope one of you will really take it to heart
When I say you're too smart to spend your life as a fanboy
Explore and build no time to destroy
just make your own path, create your own joy

Chorus (1x)

May not play every game
(I don't have time)
And I can't afford to be a collector
I may not know every characters name
retro but not having a retrospective
I got my own story, own dreams, own goals
and they always come first cuz I know they are special
fighting through adversity and trying to hide the worst of me
looking for the strategy to find my lost levels

Verse 3:
Now the rappers, a word to nerd rappers
who came before me, stand by me or come after
you're coming off sloppy like retro jockeys
riding our old memories and sucking them dry
Oh lord, rappers, all you nerd rappers,
using references to incite cheap laughter
you're looking like copies, the feeling's so choppy
in your raps so perhaps you should write em like a regular guy
Say you played through Mario 3
We've all been there, great, we've all done that
But if you did it in the night with wind howling through the trees
now you've got my attention, with the details you mentioned
There was a storm raging, lightning hitting towers
and at any random moment it could cut off your power
leaning close to the screen, light shining in your eyes,
forgetting all else in your outside life

End Chorus:
now that's a lesson from a retro master!
a little blessin' from a retro master
spin deep tales to write your rhymes faster
I wanna see YOU be a retro master
now that's a lesson from a retro master
a little blessin' from a retro master
spin deep tales to write your rhymes faster
I wanna see YOU be a retro master
When I woke up today I'm the master
When I hear my records play I'm the master
I wanna be your favorite retro master
I wanna be your favorite retro master
when I see the love I receive I'm the master
Slip another secret from my sleeve I'm the master
I wanna be your favorite retro master
I wanna be your favorite retro master
Track Name: Sing Whatever You Want
Verse 1:
I've been a student of the drum since the 5th grade
I'm calm as my namesake but still my beats bang
for the people, who never would have heard it
but for time I sacrificed, really feel like I deserve it
never opened my mouth till I could read in class
steady mellowed em out, and helped the time to pass
so I opened up my shell and proceeded to tell the bullies go to hell
my new talent prevailed just as my ego swelled
soon as the last class bell, I was outside selling my CD
with a thrown together cover and a disc I did with Sharpies
The girls I used to crush on, now they say they heart me
but I never fooled around, fully caught up in the artsy
relief I had a way to make people smile and feel better
earn my keep in words and letters, without your piles of cheddar
if you dig my craft and the words from my head
that means more than all the contracts and potential bread

Chorus (2x)
You can sing whatever you want
and if the people don't like it, they miss out on the fun
you can sing whatever you like,
even if nobody listens, be the words that you write

Verse 2:
So my voice is evolving, getting a lot deeper
and I'm tuning it to get away with putting it in speakers
of my car and my friend's, maybe even your truck
Was I born with a bad tone, is this simply rotten luck?
So I work to find the right one, as days pass and friends ask
about the new album as I'm playing shows without one
Set up my older copies for consignment at a shop
Visit twice every week to wipe the dust off of their tops
My last summer as a youth is gone and high school with it
To make it out I need to be extraordinarily gifted
so I had a lot of doubts about my style and my sound
until I tightened up my pitch now words are easy to get out
Yeah my voice is really sharp, but I'm on the right track
Make ample use of my EQ just to rein myself back
and swear someday people will snatch my tape and share my gift
but am I kidding myself, as I clock in for second shift?

Chorus (2x)

Verse 3:
Modern day, leave the past, now I'm sittin' kinda pretty
had an Internet hit and didn't lose ALL the publicity
Truly, to me, that was my validation
for 11 years of tears, sweat, jeers and nervous pacin'
Now I'm settling down to write my own songs again
but what's the topic? By logic, I should not even rap and just stop it
I don't shoot up guns or use drugs to get loose,
And I immediately get heartburn when I drink gin and juice
I don't have a gang, I'm lucky with a few friends
and I haven't spent a crazy amount of time locked in the pen
But see my mind was locked, I couldn't see the solution
You can sing about anything, as long as you keep it smooth kid
Don't pander to an audience or make your momma wince
keep confidence in your voice and make sure your lines make sense,
and only say things that are true bout what you're doing in life
From the notepad to a mic, sing whatever you like

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Hardware Ace
you wanna different voice I got that
my lyrical impact delivers like here you go
sick songs done quick I speedrun the track
and we run it back in studio
Whether Mello or a dude that he cosigns
You'll be losing your mind the whole time
On the grind like jet set, a constant threat
to MCs whose hottest song ain't out yet

(ladies sing chorus)

Verse 1:
You can find me on the east coast west coast
anywhere you need me, mello goes freely
I'm the hardware ace, riding phone lines
hopping through modems hitting you at the right time
Got the hardware bass from my Alesis
used to write thesis, now I do rap releases
You would be so glad to be us
Started as a hobby, now I'm the freest
Purveyor of the hardware, producing my art
but the tools matter less than the jewels
They take time to form,
I play games, but making my name is what I'm really on
The focus, the coordination
the acuity, the mental organization
So many muscles being flexed
if you play the right games, plus they reduce stress

I'm so blessed for the breath in my chest
paid by the sy--lla--ble
Even if I'm lying or parodizing
You'll never see me play the fool
My mind's on an information motorbike
sho you're right sometimes I sway to the hype
but the same thing is true in my work and my play
you'll get 100 percent 2 Mello every day

(ladies sing chorus)
Sing my song ladies!
Hardware ace

Verse 2:
Antisocial MC, I write from experience
that only I know and nobody else sees
Teacher said I had a good eye for detail
after seven years in retail I'm glad to be me
I put it all in the hardware to translate
something to communicate for my own damn sake
shore up my faults with the digital plaster
How much is real, how much is me, it don't matter
gotta take a breath held back by the flesh
alright, what's next
I'd really love to just fly to Japan
on a little aircraft and a couple paychecks
I'm in the music, if they play it and hear it
then I guess I'm making a visit, in spirit
Hardware ace without seeing my face
But it wouldn't live up to my ideas, I fear it
Why am I the guy, why am I the guy
to do all this work without really knowing why
spending time making frequencies equal
and knowing synthesizers better than I know people
I can only say it's what I'm drawn to
like a moth to the flame I burn bright for the game
no matter the sacrifice, life is nice
tryin to cut my slice without gettin diced

You wanna know how to ace, it's easy
Put spirit in your style, record with feeling
Always stray and make your own way
And play games at least 12 hours a day!!
Arino's the Kacho, I'm the Mello
To him I say hello, or Konnichiwa
Thanks for the inspiration and good times
Someday I know my dreams will be mine

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