Streets of Resistance

by 2 Mello



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Streets of Resistance combines the legendary music of game composer master Yuzo Koshiro and lyrics from rappers and R&B stars to create an energetic, furious remix to help listeners combat the tough year 2017 has been.

Though it is impossible to truly craft a "message album" using lyrics from disparate sources and whatever is available, I want listeners to remember what my message is, so here we go:

I ask everyone who downloads and listens to this album to remember that there is a fight going on, and without each and every one of us showing our support, hatred will simply win and stomp us all out while we are silent and sleeping. Show hatred that it is unwelcome in your circles. Boost the voices of marginalized people while keeping your own silent and not burdening them with questions about their experiences or repeating your shock at how bad things really are to them. They know.

And above all, find your local organizations that are helping the people who are hurting the most right now. Keep your eye on your elected officials, your police and your district court. Do whatever you are able to and whatever you excel at. If you feel like you don't do enough, chase that feeling. The time was always, the time is now.


released November 21, 2017

Produced and mixed by 2 Mello




2 Mello

Music producer, composer for Zodiac XX, Cerebrawl, Later Alligator, If Found and others. I like sampling, rapping, and making the type of music I'd like there to be more of in the world. Hope you find both excitement and calm here.

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