Trunk Fiction

by 2 Mello

The Rhythm 04:37
Welcome your new alpha and omega On my worst behavior with the finest style and flavor Face saver, rule-maker, soothsayer and bone breaker Paper chaser, my fruits of labor always make you catch the vapors So listen now and think later I spit ink to fill your blank slate up You bound to blink as I shake your face up Can't escape to places that you made up You a played-out play-doh fake that I can play up Villains beware I'm spinnin round in my chair 180 in here Rhythmic tear making it clear The terror ain't puttin on airs I'm running careers Stun starlets with the sun in my stare Truth or dare I'm the pilgrimage to black roses Strange shapes that make you lose focus Shadow lingering beside your locus Spittin sigils to make you wiggle Tracks go plat and make-a-lots Then give it all back to the little Hear it but don't believe it like Cassandra Pleading with me to have some sympathy for you goners But me lookin at you, I can't see that much that's in common I suggest you should keep your honor and your whining We talking bout some real good futures If I can make you believe the nicest cop will still shoot ya Nicest block will still loot ya shiny stock Takin it off the top the jump off Disturb your cash flow, your sum's off That somebody been fucking with my check face Your anger is misplaced Your angle is misjudged You think it was just us But it was your mistake You just better trust us You're already so late accept the fate the scream, the rhythm, the break the speaker, the shake, your life, the shape I mold, I take, you wait I create the race and the stakes vibrate and thrum, the top and the side of the drum I build, you come, relate, and hum you play, and stay, and learn, and stray attack, decay, release, and make your escape 1 to the 2 to the 3 bring the rhythm to me
Foot Traffic 05:05
Bump This 04:31
Subs in the trunk so you can feel the drums rattle Bound to shake constellations when I'm doing astro travel Spreading rhythm through the nation like I'm janet Catch me jammin' to the vibe around your planet even if it sounds like babble I can get it through to you, solar flares for your speaker box Ain't no EMP impeding me it be in peace To get you from A to B, beneficially Trunk fiction tradition, slang swimming diction efficiently
Skyline 04:18
Sky high Don't ask me what I'm doing later Time it flies by You can't get on my elevator, yeah I'm solo For you and me it be a no-go All you, all you do is play, stay so ahhh


I started producing drum n' bass in 2004, just years after starting to make music, but have yet to ever do a release of my work in this genre. This is my first one, and I'm actually happy that I waited until I was this ready.

Trunk Fiction is a story of a culture that discovers a rhythm so catchy, they can't get it out of their heads. They write it down, synthesize it, tap it out with everyday objects, augment their classical music with it and experience a renaissance because of it.

I want this music to push you forward in your daily activity in the same way. Trunk Fiction is energetic, jazz-influenced, pent-up, anthemic drum n' bass music and I hope it turns you on to the genre or even becomes one of your favorites if you're already a fan.


released October 2, 2018

Album Art by Ethan Redd
Vocals on tracks 1, 4, and 5 by 2 Mello
All composing, production, recording and mixing by 2 Mello




2 Mello

I like making the type of music I'd like there to be more of in the world. Hope you find both excitement and calm here.

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