Do The RPG

from by 2 Mello



Additional chorus vocals by King Pheenix & Shubzilla


Verse 1:
Now I know we're all friends so I think I can mention
My inability to dance is such an unresolved tension
I'm wavy, unbalanced, my face looks weird
I have to think about each step and the decreasing of my rep here
If I'm at a party or club, I will make myself invisible
when bodies start moving, steal away like a criminal
and not a very smooth one as that,
but I made a new dance so all us noobs can relax
Do the RPG, you know, the simple animation
from bygone games, SNES and Playstation
Get your legs walkin' as awkward as possible
and pump your arms strongly till it's almost audible
Next share this video so all your friends know,
And we'll be world map walking all across the globe
Come with me, it's amazing to see
All the lessons you can take from a JRPG

Chorus (1x)
On the overworld taking a hike
Going faster on a chocobo or bike
Jumpin around just like Sabin with a blitz
scoring a critical triple hit
Finding gold in a barrel or a chest
Conjuring a magic shield to protect
Curing ailments with a flick of your wand
Doing the RPG I feel so slick, so come along

Verse 2:
You've seen it for years, all that grinding in them fields
Jump forward grab and back yeah baby that's the steal
if there's too much heat, backstep a couple feet
and jack, yeah that's called the retreat
Or stand on your own, do whatever you want
long as you're moving your hands, let's call it the taunt
If you've had a few drinks and you can barely dance,
just try to keep it steady, we'll call that the ready stance

now get yourself home, call a cab
and play rpgs till you pass out with a controller in your lap
call mello in the morning tell me bout your sorrows
if I got some energy, you know it's yours to borrow
If you're dancing in the club, people admiring your moves
And you know damn well where you got that groove
Everybody is asking, how do I get that power??
Say here, why don't you go play this game for 80 hours

Chorus (1x)

Verse 3:
I'm on a sacred quest, and I'm the only hero
here to take my test, stress is climbin,
to do my all and be the best, in my rhyming
production and my paychecks
we all need activities to stay flexed
I only got a single heart beating within my chest
to let it live I'm on the dancefloor breaking a sweat
I'm not the greatest body mover but I know the steps
there's nothing to it if you do your best and never rest
and not macho, but more like the Kacho
I'm nerdy but still hot though
and here to teach you all my techs
no matter what job or class, we all can hit the floor proceed to move our ass
Who can't dance? you have mad potential,
and a reference for movement that's more than coincidental
RPGs are turn based and dancing is too,
I'm your partner stick with me and the party will get through

Chorus (1x)

Kacho skit: Arino is playing Parappa the Rapper--AD Matsui comes up to give him some "hip-hop" clothes, claiming it will help his rhythm, and Arino insists that Matsui raps everything he says, which Matsui goes on to do in embarrassing fashion.


from Game Center CX EP, released July 25, 2014




2 Mello

Music producer, composer and sound designer who has worked on games like Cerebrawl, Later Alligator and If Found... I like sampling, rapping and making the type of music I'd like there to be more of in the world.

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